Inner senses.

November 19th, 2010

Sharks have always fascinated my brother, a deep-sea diver. This week he was eager to share something he heard while watching “Sharkman,” a program that aired on DiscoveryTV. The show was about tonic mobility – a trance state that sharks can be put into. He knew I’d be interested in what world-famous diving instructor and shark-diver expert Cristina Zenato had to say. So he sent me a YouTube clip of the segment in which Zenato explains to the program host how important it is he stays calm during their dive to hand feed sharks, because sharks can sense the electromagnetic impulses our brains put out. Impulses like fear. My brother knows me well, and we’ve talked about thoughts and emotions as not only electrical discharges, but as  “things” with electromagnetic properties.

Yes, sharks and other animals use inner senses. So I wonder…what about our inner senses? What they are? What we call intuition, or telepathy, perhaps? How many are there? Do we use them without being aware of how? Like breathing, do we use them without thinking about it? Good topic, I think, for a Qinomics point of view sometime soon. In the meantime, thanks again, Johnny.

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