Desire is a good start.

December 10th, 2010

I think there’s something to be gained from Kevin Spacey’s thoughts on what it takes to be successful in this two-minute clip from “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Just another reason for me to be a fan.

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3 Responses to “Desire is a good start.”

  1. Dan Kelly says:

    Fabulous, Julie, it was especially great to see the students get it in the moment, even though it wasn’t what they expected, or wanted.

    But what’s your ‘secret reason’?

  2. Nojjy says:

    Thanks for sharing, Julie – a great affirmation to people who are passionate about what they’re doing and insightful direction for those trying to find their path.

  3. Julie Tarney says:

    Thanks, Dan! I do love that word “fabulous.”
    As for my “secret reason” — if you mean my “why” — it’s really no secret. I do what I do for the joy and satisfaction I get helping others use their inexhaustible energy and creative power to capture their own feelings of success and accomplishment. Nice cycle, don’t you think?