Your stance = your why.

December 3rd, 2010

There’s that why word again. It was marketing consultant Simon Sinek’s ideas on the overriding importance of why you do what you do that triggered my post on Oct. 15th titled “The why.” And I was compelled to revisit the subject after Dan Burrier’s article Create a Nelson Mandela Brand appeared on yesterday’s Harvard Business Review blog.

Burrier, chief innovation officer of Ogilvy & Mather North America, reminds us that true branding, or creating an identity for goods or services that differentiates them from those of others, isn’t accomplished by a list of attributes. Rather it’s what a company, product or idea stands for that creates value, instills trust and loyalty, and drives market behavior.

That stance is why you do what you do. So there’s the human factor. You. Where you stand as a leader is based on your purpose, values and beliefs. They form your mission. And when that mission is pursued with determination, persistent effort and a burning desire for to achieve it, you inspire. And when you can do that, the brand attributes and market results you desire will follow.

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