March 18th, 2011

Procrastination is a word that’s come up in conversation a few times recently. And I think you’ll agree it’s not a feel-good word. If someone is postponing, putting off or just not getting around to something, chances are there’s a certain amount of anxiety associated with that. So to get something done – to take action – all one has to do is make a decision. And that should be easy, right?!

So what holds us back from making the decision to just do it? Well, chances are it’s because something doesn’t “feel right.” And that’s okay. Because if something doesn’t feel right, it means that our energy – our thoughts – aren’t lined up with it yet. And if actions are really just thoughts in motion, I think we need to lighten up a bit and take time to examine our thoughts about the task at hand and our beliefs about ourselves. Here are some simple steps to try if you feel stuck in procrastination limbo:

·      Revisit your goals and your plan for accomplishing them;

·      Focus on where you’re going and what you want the outcome to be;

·      Be open to knowing what you’re capable of achieving.

Then ask yourself two questions: Does this task get me closer to my goal? And, will I feel better when it’s done? If your answers are yes, congratulations. You have energized yourself. Feel the relief of making a decision. You’re moving forward.

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