Mental energy uncorked.

July 29th, 2011

The “New York boys” were a group of young men from New York City who would drive 240 miles to Elmira, NY every Tuesday to attend Jane Roberts’ ESP class in the 1970’s. Author Richard Kendall was one of them, and in his new book, “The Road to Elmira” ( 2011), writes of his experiences as a member student and reflects on teachings that ranged from the energy of consciousness to the nature of reality.

Many of the ideas in this captivating account serve as lessons themselves. In what I found to be one of the most insightful passages, Rich talks about the nature of personal energy.

He affirms that our mental energy cannot be restrained. When it flows, we’re surging with all systems on go. But if we hold back our energy or try to keep it in check, don’t worry. It will eventually find its way out. Energy that’s been “bottled up” or ignored for too long will make its way to the surface eventually and find expression in a manner you would, no doubt, want to describe as either undesirable or uncharacteristic.

Any impediment to our creativity, our spontaneity, our well-being or — while we’re at it — our   success “doesn’t come about from the release of our energy, but from our attempts to stifle it.”

The lesson here was a welcome reminder to ideas I’ve shared before. If you ever feel stuck (and who doesn’t now and then?) or find yourself in “mental gridlock,” unable to think about problems or challenges in new ways, remember the tremendous force and power or your own energy. Uncork it. Let it loose. It wants the same freedom you do. Trust it to open mental pathways to new thinking. Its potential is always there. You are truly the leader of you.



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