What’s limiting your success?

September 16th, 2011

When reality television’s “Drag U” headmaster RuPaul meets individually with the everyday women who’ve enrolled to unleash the power of their inner diva, he asks a critical question: Who do you think is your saboteur? The answer each typically gives is “Myself.”

I think the question is valid for anyone who lacks confidence or feels powerless to change her or his professional situation. It’s a query to ponder whenever we feel stuck or hold the belief that we’re limited in our ability to get ahead.

In “The Fifth Discipline,” Peter M. Senge discusses the “power of powerlessness” and includes some interesting assertions by organizational consultant Robert Fritz, author of “The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life.” According to Fritz, who has worked with tens of thousands of people, most of us hold one of two underlying beliefs that limit our ability to create what we want for ourselves. The more common belief is in powerlessness – that we lack ability, and the other belief is that of unworthiness – that we don’t deserve to have what we desire.

We can all expand on our desire and innate ability to create the results we want for ourselves. And it begins with an awareness and examination of beliefs.

The next time you’re feeling fear, anxiety or self-doubt about your professional abilities, ask yourself a few simple questions. What do you believe about yourself? What thoughts and suggestions do you give yourself during the day? How might you see things differently? What beliefs, what thinking can you shift that will begin to address or improve your situation?

You are the leader of you. Allow yourself recognition of your worthiness and power to create your professional reality. Be sure of yourself. In other words, give your saboteur the boot.



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