How lucky are you?

April 13th, 2012

How today – or any day – unfolds for you depends on your beliefs. So let Friday the 13th be a trigger to reflect on the beliefs you hold about yourself, your role at work, the relationships you have with co-workers, your present situation and your future. Be aware of them, write them down, examine them. Are they your beliefs, or have you accepted the beliefs of others?

Nothing is more important than your beliefs. They shape your feelings and your behaviors. What do you believe? What do you expect? Those are the things that create your experience which then, in turn, reinforces the belief or expectation.

A belief is only anything you accept as the truth. It is nothing more than a practiced pattern of thought, a habit of thought. But just because you believe something doesn’t make it true. You are always the leader of you. At any moment in time, you have the personal energy and freedom to reject limiting thoughts and beliefs, form others and change your experience. Lucky you!


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