Celebrate your independence!

June 29th, 2012

I look forward every year to the July 4th weekend. I love the fireworks, sparklers, parades, park events and barbeques. And what I like best of all about the celebration of our nation’s independence is the focus it puts on our individual freedom.

It’s the remarkable holiday that reminds us of our freedom to choose what we give our attention to. We are free to choose the exact thoughts and concentration of energy that allow us to shape our individual life experiences. We are free to create the career, the business, the relationships, the life we desire. And there are so many choices!

Take some time this Independence Day to revel in your liberty and the pursuit of your happiness. Chill. Breathe deeply. Reflect. Walk or run or dance. Eat good food. Nurture yourself. Release your energy. Be eager. Choose thoughts that feel good when you think them. The most successful people are really the ones that are the happiest.

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