Try it, you’ll like it.

September 7th, 2012

A reader this week asked me to send him some of my positive energy. While I remain focused on the successful outcomes you desire, what I told him was that the useable magnitude of his personal energy is the same as mine. It’s like the water available from a fire hydrant or the kitchen tap. Our energy is turned on and flowing, or it’s open only enough to allow a trickle, or it’s shut off completely.

To tap your own energy to be or do or have whatever is important to you, you must examine what thoughts you’re permitting to occupy your mind. And your feelings are your guide to knowing if your energy – those thoughts – are flowing strongly enough to create that desired outcome. The first rule – the only rule – is you get what you concentrate on. In other words, your present experience is shaped by your dominating thoughts. It’s that simple. But like anything you do well, it takes practice.

Start by examining your thoughts. Are you thinking about the outcome you want and how it will feel when you have it that will inspire you to act? Or are you holding yourself back thinking about the absence or lack of it in this moment and feeling the discord of that?

The tap from which your energy flows is right at your fingertips. Practice turning it on. And if you’re stuck, then let’s talk.


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One Response to “Try it, you’ll like it.”

  1. mark mulhern says:

    Hi Julie,
    Your explanation is very clear. I can see that I am out of practice and have adjustments to make, habits to change.
    Thank you,