The future is yours.

January 4th, 2013

“You can’t let the future happen to you. You have to take action.” – Brian David Johnson, in-house futurist at Intel

That’s right. Intel has a futurist on staff. I learned about Brian David Johnson while reading Adam Bluestein’s special report on the game-changing trends and hot markets of 2013 that appears in this month’s issue of Inc. magazine. Johnson’s advice for companies that want to get a handle on future markets, but don’t have the resources for a futurist made me laugh: Get a 13-year-old mentor. But right under that quote I drew a star next to his thoughts on how to think about the future. He says the future is ours. We own it. And we get to shape it by thinking about and visualizing the world we want.

His words rungs true for me. Nothing happens until we first think about it. It’s our intention, focus and enthusiasm for how we want things to be that triggers our energy for action.

You know things will change. The challenge and fun is to start imagining how you want them to change. And as a new study reported on in yesterday’s New York Times “Science” pages suggests, you needn’t underestimate the you of the future, either.


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