What lights the fire under your derriére?

August 2nd, 2013

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My favorite Broadway musical, Avenue Q, celebrated its tenth anniversary on Wednesday. And as the only show I’ve seen four times (so far), I must give a nod today to the cast of colorful Muppet-like characters trying to find their purpose in life. There’s no shortage of laugh-out-loud moments with occasional “full puppet nudity” and some naughty songs that poke fun at racism and porn.

But, for me, the most meaningful lyrics are sung by recent college grad Princeton, who, with no apartment, no job and no work experience, is eager to discover his “Purpose.” And the other puppets on Avenue Q are refining their purposes, too. Because aren’t we all on a continual search for our purpose? Tweaking our lives along the way to feel good, love what we do and help others along the way?

As my mentor Napoleon Hill used to ask: What are you waiting for and why are you waiting?  Everyday holds opportunity to hone what he calls Definiteness of Purpose. And it all starts with a burning desire to reach a goal. Knowing what you want to accomplish. Formulating your plan. Lighting that fire.

Now whom am I going to take to see Avenue Q this year?

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