Friday the 13th. Lucky or unlucky?

September 13th, 2013

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“The way you think and what you think is determined by your theories about yourself and your life. Thought controls you more than you realize.”   – Michael Michalko, author of Creative Thinkering

When the 13th falls on a Friday, the date will be lucky, unlucky or just another day depending on your beliefs about it. I view the day as an opportunity to examine the beliefs I hold about yourself, my work, and the people in my professional and personal lives. Because like a Friday the 13th, what those things mean depends on my beliefs about them.

Our perceptions, how we interpret what we see and what conclusions we draw from it about ourselves, others and the world all depend on our beliefs. And the process happens quite automatically.

A belief is anything you accept as truth. And it’s our beliefs that shape our experience. For example, if you believe a situation will frustrate you, then most likely it will. Or, if you believe a co-worker will make you unhappy, then probably s/he will.  And your frustration or unhappiness – or bad luck on a particular calendar day – will, in turn, reinforce your belief.

Just because you believe something doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true. So beliefs can be limiting. But we all have the energy – the ability to change our ideas about ourselves and our work situations –that allows us to grow, expand and develop more fulfilling lives.

We have the ability in any moment create an attitude we do not have currently. Our power is always right now, in the present moment. How we think about things, how we shape our beliefs, what we choose to expect, all determine the outcomes of our work-life experiences.

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