(chee)– the life force energy inherent in all things, including thought.

Tap into your greatest competitive advantage.

Scientists will tell you that, bottom line, nothing happens without energy. Not to you, not to me, or, for that matter, in the universe.

While scientists have been unable so far to explain exactly what energy is, understand all the laws of nature, or explain consciousness, recent advances in neuroscience support the idea that our uniquely human mindset of thoughts, beliefs and emotions is an extraordinary energy source, impressive and powerful enough to create our own physical experience.

The application of this idea in the business world has been picking up steam and driving some exceptional results. Whether you’re a high-performing CEO who wants to foster full team engagement or a newly promoted senior executive set to manage more people, continued success requires all of your energy working for you.

Qinomics is a framework for managing your personal energy’s unlimited potential. It is your mindset – your own unique energy – that renews purpose; builds trust; fuels shared vision; and leverages the focus and commitment that power both people and organizations forward.