The leadership benefits of “Do be do be do.”

May 25th, 2012

As I head to Connecticut today for my son’s graduation from college, I’m leaving behind my laptop. And I plan to keep my phone turned off as well. No emails, no social media no text messages. It’s a holiday weekend of celebration, and I’m going to put some focus on balancing all my my doing with some invigorating being.

I hope you can find time to disconnect from work occasionally this weekend, too. Enjoy picnics, barbeques, gardening or your kid’s soccer game without once having to check your wireless device. Give yourself time to rejuvenate by balancing all you do with some quality, restful being. That balance between doing and being can actually allow you to be more productive creatively and more fulfilled professionally.

Me with Dr. Goswami

As theoretical quantum physicist Amit Goswami puts it, doing means you’re converting possibility into actuality, and being means stepping back enough to tap the energy of your inner self. He says quantum leaps of insight come from not just do-do-do or be-be-be, but rather alternating do-be-do-be-do.

Take some time to just be this weekend. Go for balance and enjoy the holiday. Then ease into making a little disconnection from wireless part of your weekly routine. Saturdays, for example. Or weeknights after 7. If you need a reminder, just sing a few do be do be do’s.


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