The “O” in empowering.

December 7th, 2012

I never did watch The Oprah Winfrey Show, but I also wasn’t released recently from a North Korean prison camp either. I know who the woman is, and I follow her life of achievement and influence in the news. Most noteworthy for me was the 2007 launch of her Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa.

I learned Monday from her Empower Yourself blog post in The Huffington Post that Oprah Winfrey teaches a weeklong course for the Academy’s 12th graders at the end of each year called Life 101. Her goal for the curriculum is to impart these young women with everything she wishes someone had told her before heading off to college. And she shares her top five favorite lessons.

I was so curious to know what this smart and powerful communicator considered the most important lessons to becoming your best self and living your best life. They are so simple. And you’ve read about them here. Oprah’s lessons are focused on personal leadership, the limitless energy of thought, a positive mental attitude, strong beliefs, purpose, passion, action and service.

Her first lesson is based on the line from the classic poem Invictus: “You are the master of your fate and captain of your soul.”

Her second lesson: “You become what you believe, not what you wish for, and every choice makes it so.”

Please read the full post to get the last three of her top fave lessons. No matter what your present career or path in life, her words of wisdom are great reminders for every year-end that leads to a new year.


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