The Qinomics Model for Success

Qinomics (chee-nóm-iks) is a framework for managing human energy to create a rewarding and satisfying professional life. The model draws from the fields of neuroscience, quantum physics, positive psychology, behavioral and cognitive sciences and organizational dynamics – fields in which key insights about what energy is and how to manage it are converging with the best business models. (see my Brain Food Blog for multiple examples of how advances in these fields relate to energy and business success.)

The nature of professional reality

Qinomics rests on the idea that everything in our lives starts with energy. We are energy beings. Electrical impulses create the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that trigger action. Thoughts are things; they create chemical changes in our brains: one chemical chain reaction results from happiness, another from stress, yet another from anger, and so on.

Our thoughts and emotions are the energy that determines our perceptions and shapes our reality. This is no less true in the business world than in our personal lives. We all read the business books, magazines, email newsletters, and blogs about being an effective leader, about being entrepreneurial, about how to be successful. The challenge is always how to implement the advice for ourselves, because often we get “stuck” thinking in the same patterns. And those patterns can become destructive vs. constructive ways of thinking. Even when we want to change, even with success as our goal, our minds habitually can be streaming thoughts, suggestions, worries that create a different reality.

Re-set your mindset

The Qinomics framework provides the mental tools and techniques to manage your unlimited personal energy and create whatever you envision as success. It’s not about controlling a difficult situation. It’s about creating a better one. Qinomics helps you clarify what’s important and learn how to examine your current mindset so thoroughly that you become more proficient at creating professional success vs. reacting to situations. It helps you create an individualized success consciousness.

Most people think more about what they don’t want than what they do. With Qinomics I work to help you find your way back to the excitement you felt when you started your business or career; help you manage stress and conflict; help you create a shared vision for success within your organization, and an energized team commitment to creating that success. The process is tailored to your concerns, your beliefs, what’s working for you now and what isn’t, and to your specific goals — a promotion, a buyout, new investors, retirement, etc.

And my goal is the same for all my clients — that you won’t need me for long.

Here’s what clients
have to say:
“As a business owner it is deeply helpful to align with effective services that aid in the realization of my vision...”
“...helped us take our business in unexpected and profitable new directions.”
“ experience of vision and clarity...”