Ready, set, energize!

I’m Julie Tarney, a personal energy trainer for business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. The Qinomics framework for managing your personal energy requires no push-ups or weight training. I don’t carry a clipboard or wear a whistle. You need practice only strategic and highly customized mindset workouts.

As a personal energy trainer, my focus is on you and your ability to manage and leverage your own energy to its fullest potential in your professional life. That’s what we humans do: process energy. My passion is helping people understand how their energy works and then – and this is the best part – learn how to direct it, manipulate it and commit it full force to creating fulfillment and success. The defining success part, well, that’s up to you. So I hope you know what you want!

From Radical Sabbatical to Confluence of Disciplines

A decade ago, I knew I was ready to leave a very comfortable rung at the top of the corporate ladder and begin a radical sabbatical. I had led the marketing company’s public relations division to become its most profitable client service, while getting a chance to work with some very talented, creative people on a number of the world’s most prestigious consumer brands. And the agency itself became a client when I was asked to head up national new business development. But I was feeling restless.

I began my sabbatical exploring ideas about what would be next for me. As a life-long learner, I had a lot of interests and knew I wanted to continue helping people meet professional goals. I had no idea at the time that my journey would lead to studying principles of physics, mathematics and electromagnetic energy in Malaysia.

I was filling out an application for a master’s degree program in teaching English as a second language when I happened to see a “NOVA” documentary on PBS about Brian Greene’s “The Elegant Universe.” Greene is a theoretical physicist and leading theorist of string theory. Sometimes called the Theory of Everything, string theory posits that the fundamental building blocks of the universe are minute, vibrating strands of energy, or strings, that form and re-form to make up the world and everything in it. I was fascinated by this concept of energy as interactive and pliable.

This fascination sent me in a new direction when a niece came to visit from Florida, bringing with her a book on feng shui, the practice of assessing the energy, or Qi (pronounced “chee”), of an environment with the goal of harnessing positive energy to help an individual or business owner achieve success. With the interest of a quantum observer, I learned that authentic classical feng shui dates back to the end of the Chou dynasty (1122-255 B.C.) in China, a country, I discovered, that had a long history of scientific inquiry into the nature of energy. The Chinese were the first to identify electromagnetism and invented the compass.

I spent two years studying with a classical feng shui grandmaster in Malaysia, since retired, and continued graduate studies in the U.S. with Earth Luck International founder Angel de Para, a consummate professional with a worldwide reputation. I became one of Angel’s private students, was asked to join his company’s executive team, then set up a classical feng shui consulting firm of my own. In my six years working with business clients, I realized eventually that when I did an energy assessment, more important than the external environment was the internal energy of the individual – what my clients were thinking, feeling and believing about their goals, what their concerns were. It became clear to me that a client’s personal energy was the key to his or her professional fulfillment and success.

A Professional Reality Expert

I continued investigating the nature of personal energy and how to manage it. I developed the Qinomics framework by pulling from the latest thinking in fields that included neuroscience, quantum mechanics, positive psychology, cognitive and behavioral sciences, organizational dynamics and from the best business models. I found that threads of discourse in these fields are converging around the energy of thought and the fungible nature of reality.

With Qinomics I apply those ideas to the ever-changing and complex world of business. I am first a sounding board for my clients. And then I ask a lot of questions. I help them identify the thoughts and suggestions they give themselves every day and the beliefs that run counter to what they imagine they are focusing on. I guide them on how to shift their thinking effectively to achieve professional fulfillment while leading a successful and thriving business. It’s all about creating a success consciousness.

My work with human energy and its unlimited potential is exciting, satisfying, fulfilling and fun. My goal with Qinomics is that soon we’ll have those same descriptors in common.