Three innovative leaders on shaping success.

June 17th, 2011

We’re in a continual state of becoming. It’s through learning, reflection and continual self-improvement that we become expanded versions of ourselves. Our energy powers us, our desire to achieve drives us forward, and confidence gives us momentum.

Shared knowledge this week comes courtesy of interviews with three innovative and highly quotable business leaders. There’s something to be learned from each of them.


Start a company. If it fails, start another one. Keep trying, and always remember that your perception shapes the world around you, so don’t settle for a low expectation of yourself.”

Josh Greenberg, co-founder of Grooveshark, in an interview with Erin Bury of


Confidence is the underlying foundation of everything: generosity, the willingness to take risks, clarity of thought, being persuasive and charismatic to others – it all comes down to confidence.

Tim Sanders, bestselling author and former Yahoo! executive, in an interview with Inc. magazine’s Dave Smith


If you want (people in your organization) to value your agenda as a company, they have to know you value their agenda as individuals in a very tangible and real wayHigh trust leads to high performance.

Doug Conant, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Co., in an interview with Mike Myatt, chief strategy officer of N2growth




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