You are a born leader.

December 9th, 2011

“You’re a winner, Teddy knows.” – You’ve got what it takes.” – You’re on your way to the top.” – “You are a born leader.” – “There is nothing you can’t do.” – “You are one of a kind.”

Those were the motivational phrases of my talking Executive Teddy Bear. When faced with a difficult situation in my life as a marketing agency exec, I knew that just a few pulls of Teddy’s string would redirect me to concentrate on the outcome I wanted. It was with his reassurance that I knew I would meet the challenge of finding a solution. He reminded me to believe in myself, to focus on goals and expect results. There was nothing I couldn’t do.

The talking Teddy was a novelty toy that I can’t remember how I got. It might have been a gift, but chances are I bought it for myself. When I began my self-described “radical sabbatical” from the firm, I handed down Teddy to my successor. But there are times in conversation with clients and friends that I wish I had a closet full of them.

What is it that causes us at times to doubt our abilities? Or to believe us stuck? Or to beat up on ourselves?

I’m quite certain that what limits our ability to create what we want is our beliefs. It is our beliefs that shape our experience. Most of us hold one of two beliefs that are at the core of doubt, uncertainty and worry. We might believe ourselves powerless to bring about the things we want and care about. Or we might believe we’re unworthy or undeserving of having what we want.

Beliefs are key to our success in any endeavor. And because we are not limited in how we think, beliefs can be modified. It’s belief work; it’s energy work. And you do have what it takes.


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