Greatness is about choices.

June 8th, 2012

Under the GR of GREAT on the cover of this month’s Inc. magazine, is a photo of  leadership expert and author Jim Collins. The interview inside by Inc. editor-at-large Bo Burlingham is a juicy read and an outstanding summer-reading kick-off must for all entrepreneurs.

Collins talks about his most recent book “Great by Choice,” co-authored with Morten T. Hansen, that looks at the leadership concepts of companies that have performed 10 times over the industry average in spite of operating in rocky environments.

The interviewer’s questions draw out some awesome material. For example, Collins says great companies don’t have to be big, but they are characterized by three definite “outputs”: superior performance, distinctive impact and endurance. He weighs in on connectivity and networks, describes as “super rare” the ability to blend creative thinking with discipline, and maintains that success is about choices and decisions made, not about luck or circumstances.

Burlingham closes this excellent piece with the 25 questions Collins advises leaders systematically discuss with their teams in order to grow great companies.

(I realize this is my 100th post! How fitting that its about an expert who affirms the importance of focused thought and conscious choices in creating success, big or small.)


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